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  1. until

    I'll be there, just got to make sure I wake up early this time.
  2. until

    DPS (Ranged or Melee)
  3. until

    Heals or DPS (Ranged)
  4. until

    Someone else can take my spot, I got to take care of my grandmother she got covid and needs help around the house. @Merliah
  5. until

    DPS this time (Ranged or Melee)
  6. until

    I'll be there for this event, if someone could remind me by messaging me through discord that'd be great!
  7. until

    Operative Heals / DPS (Ranged or Melee)
  8. until

    Back-Up ONLY Heals / DPS (Ranged)
  9. until

    Heals or DPS (Ranged and Melee)
  10. until

    Backup Melee or ranged dps / healing.
  11. until

    DPS (ranged) / Heals (Commando or Mercenary)
  12. until

    DPS both close range melee or ranged (sniper) / Heals.
  13. until

    DPS Melee / CQC or Sniper long range DPS. Can off heal.
  14. until

    DPS (Close range/melee. Sniper for second combat specialty) / off healing

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