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  1. until

    dps or heals.
  2. until

    I should be able to make it tonight but my son and I have to do a couple chapters of mathing to get him ready for his exam next week. Starting now... we'll see how it goes. PS - happy to heal if I can make it.
  3. until

    I can heal or dps.
  4. until

    @AidenRhen I have failed you... I've been really busy / sick the past few days so I haven't really been paying attention about SW:TOR. Or even what day it is. So when I logged onto the game a few minutes ago I noticed that 5.10 dropped. And it's reorganizing efforts are currently at roughly 10%. I will be on... *shakes magic 8-ball* unclear. Anyway if you have enough on to start, feel free to start without me. I will indeed be on.... eventually.
  5. I found this. I thought it might amuse you all...
  6. Unfortunately James has hockey practices on Mondays so I'm usually not available. Hopefully over the Christmas break I'll be able to sub in.
  7. until

    ... on such a winter's day?
  8. @Jinn Galia I can make it on the 15th if you want to put me down as back up.
  9. until

    I'm afraid I'll be chauffeuring the boy that evening so I'll be unavailable.
  10. @Jinn Galia First my apologies for the last minute reply... I had no idea it was the fifth already. (I had thought it was Wednesday.) Unfortunately I can't make on Mondays because my son has hockey practice from 9:30 - 11:00ET. Thanks for the invitation.
  11. until

    @Jinn Galia Unfortunately I'll be away on the 25th but I am available as buckup dps on Nov 1st/8th. Thanks. - Sane
  12. until

    I would love to come but my son has hockey that night. Thanks.
  13. until

    dps though I could heal or tank.
  14. until

    Hi @AidenRhen and everyone... I signed up for tonight's raid. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. My son is affiliated with the local Jr A hockey team and he wants to go see their home opener so we're going to go. (He's only home for another couple of years and with all his hockey we seldom have time to just go hang out so he gets priority.) Hopefully next week. Thanks. - Sane PS - I tried switching my 'going' to 'declined' on the website but didn't see any obvious way to do so on the website. @AidenRhenActually my son just told me that the game is tomorrow night. So I will be online tonight though if you've already filled my spot I understand. Thanks. - Sane
  15. until

    I can bring 'rayth to dps if you still have room.