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  1. Kell

    Happy birthday Zang, hope it's purrfect!

  2. Your pictures are soooo good! :D Please teach me your ways....

  3. Hope your week is going well! 

    fall autumn GIF

  4. fall autumn GIF

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Hey Squeeks! At the end of the last few halloween events can you do a special feature Kitty Blu Gazette announcing all the winners and a little summary/screenshots of each event? Would be really neat! We could even post in the GW2 reddit for recruitment, especially screenshots from the necro raids and such. Let me know if that sounds like a good idea!

    1. Kell


      Awesome thank you, sounds great!

  6. Wow I just saw your profile image, your chars are awesome!! Fashion wars champ over here~

    1. Pixi-Spit


      Aww thank you :D

      haha honestly the only one I'm happy with right now is Carlos (the one with the sword). He never dresses fancy, it's just part of his character :D

      the rest though, I'm on a mission to get better skins lol, especially for my sylvari.

      I know what he wants, I just gotta work hard to get it lol.


      I'm excited to see your characters, bet you got some interesting ones ^_^

      ill add you in game when I'm at my desktop next :D

      I already see you have a sylvari, of whom looks damn cool by the way ❤️

  7. I just saw that you actually added Siscia's quote, that is amazing lol

    1. Niffellhell


      It made me laugh so much...I just had to :D