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  1. Happy Birthday, photographer to the wannabe-stars!


    I hope all is going as well as you'd like.


    Sim the Indefinite

  2. - here's a tip, only use approved camping grounds when out on a field trip with your drinking buddies - another tip, make note of any local obstacles, hazardous weather conditions, or Shatterers - it's like a pub crawl, with a lot of violence, and we only go to one bar - V came back, she calmed down after fighting the dragon, oddly enough
  3. - stop me if you heard this, it started out with a few drink down at Nathan's... - then we started fighting each other - and then we started fighting everyone else - I think I passed out in the 'Burns...the hangover is gonna hurt
  4. - after a short Winter break, back hanging with the Remants Acquisitions crew - what started as a simple night at the Tavern ends up in Inquisition territory - a giant golem, a quick prison raid, a typical night for RA - I don't think anyone paid the tab. Again.
  5. Brutalitops

    Saturday. October , 2018

    - another week and the Remnants Acquisition's crew tries another Button push... - but gets caught in a snatch and grab!
  6. My second favorite group shot.
  7. My favorite group shot, so far. Visually, its like the Charr on the right balances the less dense group on the left. I like the poses of emotes at various parts of their animations, I like that the Charr models clip just right so they look like they're resting on top of each other. Each person can be seen (mostly) distinctly. Backdrop is interesting, well lit and gives recognizable scale. I just wish ArenaNet gave us better tools.
  8. And after the spinning...Wonder Woman. (70's WW reference, anyone?)
  9. That backpack is adowable.
  10. "Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Dig in the dancing queen"
  11. There's always THAT dude the dorm common room, with the guitar.
  12. (de-squads and un-reps, turns off UI ) "Ok, you guys spread out and start looking, just remember that I just met most of you a few minutes ago and...guys?...guys??"
  13. (Announcer voice): Next week, on CSI: Tyria...A gruesome crime scene shocks the team,
  14. It's those little, interesting, unnoticed details that make all the effort worth it.
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