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  1. until
    OOC (Out of Character) This event is an intro to roleplay and will mix PvE stuff with roleplaying. If you have never role played before or a role playing veteran this event is for you. We will be meeting in Lions Arch at Farshore Ward and proceed to a nearby jumping puzzle. The story behind this is that a child has gone missing in Lion's Arch and the Lion Guard are looking for help from local heroes to find the child. Location: Farshore Ward, Lion's Arch Time: 6:00 PM EST Date: Thursday, August 19th About Roleplay What makes this role play. You will talk in chat as though you are your character. Why is your character out there helping to look for the child? What would make your character want to stop the search? Think about that and feel free to explore that during the event. Out of character you will have a fun time with guildmates, do a jumping puzzle and get loot from a chest. The RP department looks forward to seeing you there. Silverlock
  2. Silverlock

    GW2 - RP/PvE: Ranger Symposium

    This event will be a PvE and RP combined event. We encourage all RoH Rangers to attend and show off their pets. Cool pets, short pets, tall pets and pets with strange names. If you are not a ranger please consider this a trip to the a Tyrian animal show and discussion of ranger strategies. Event Summary: Date: 7/22/2020 Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST Location: Hunting Lodge, Queensdale Minimum level: None Maximum level: None
  3. until
    Join the members of MOA Inc. at a roleplay party at the Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Celebration. For more details - link
  4. Silverlock

    GW2 - Roleplay Event!

    Join the members of MOA Inc. as they face the challenges and adventures that Tyria sets out before them! All who are interested in GW2 Roleplaying are welcome! More details - here