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  1. From my observation, the server isn't very active at all. I run into other players maybe twice a week and play nearly daily. I know this isn't as popular a game as the divisional games, but does anyone have any ideas on how to bolster for lack of a better term synchronized activity? Something that could get more players online at the same time to make the multiplayer experience more enjoyable?
  2. I was wondering if we could get posted the server settings and mod list. The only mods I'm aware of are the one that allows us to set and teleport to a home location as well as the tree chopping one. As for server settings, I know that the server runs on a version called paper that has some extra settings that I have already discovered 2 of the hard way: you cannot break bedrock, and that curing zombified villagers do not stack their discount (both of these things exist in the current version of vanilla minecraft, so that's why I was attempting them) I'm not (currently) asking for any changes to be made (like the settings I mentioned being turned off, or mods to be added or removed), I'd just currently like a list so that the players are aware of any of these things and don't waste their time like I did trying to troubleshoot why things don't work, or have a future discussion on mods the community would like to see added or removed. Thanks
  3. until

    Id like to tank please
  4. until

    I shall bring mDPS
  5. Endustries

    VMOPs Scum and Villainy


    Maybe for mdps or heals
  6. until

  7. until

    I can fill healer if someone drops
  8. Endustries

    Galactic Season Morning Club

    Can't be there today but I like the idea and once I get my new work schedule I know it'll have 2 weekdays off and I'd be interested in coordinating something for those days
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