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Friday Night SMOPS


Dexstar (She/They)

Event details

PVE Operation Event: EV

This is a great group to experience Operations for your first time with as we will dedicate time for explanations and helping beginners, however all experience levels are welcome.

Event Date/Time: April 23rd, 2021, at 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST

First pull will start at 8:00, please arrive 5-10 minutes early. 


- Level 70 Character on Republic side

- Discord, we'll be in our own operation channel

Starparse is not required but recommended for anyone interested in tracking their numbers. If you would like help setting up your Starparse, please arrive 15 minutes early for a quick help session.


We will probably blow through this, If people have multiple characters we can try to run it twice or do Golden Chicken afterwards.


If we get enough people, we can run a 16man version, so don't be afraid to sign up even if all 8 spots are filled!


Raid Lead: Dexstar


Tank: @Darth Gumby

Healer: @Dexstar

Healer: @Dch765

mDPS: @Dlique

rDPS: @MontagoHalcyon

rDPS: @Roedynn

rDPS: @Kitt






Recommended Comments

Members and Assistants of the Month

ESO MotM / AotM:  blalockicefury LogicalGator

GW2 MotM: Lord Ore


WoW MotM: Frostsprit



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