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[PVE-Pub] World Bosses



Event details


Every planet (or almost) has a world boss. Our goal: kill has many as we can in 2 hours.


The only requirement is to have your ship. Since we'll most likely have people at max level, there is no real minimum level (or gear needed for that matter) .


We'll need a somewhat balance team, however, we can swap roles as many time as we want as long as we still have tanks-healers-dps.


When you sign u, let me know what role you would prefer :) 


Tank: @Dch765

Tank: @Darth Gumby

Healer: @cyberchp


mDps: @RogueTwo

mDps: @NorthHorizon

Dps: @Dlique

rDps: @jcmichaelw

mDps: @audrea

rDps: @Anurzin

rDps: @Caihren

mDps: @Obonekenoobie

rDps: @Thain




PS: we can have well over 6 people for world bosses! so do not hesitate to signup even if all the spot are filled in the roster: I can add more! :D 


PPS: you do not need to be subscribed for this. There is some planets you will need a subscription to have access to, but we'll do those at the end.



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