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R-4 Anomaly Story Mode Imperial Side

Admiral Maximus
Hello everyone. After clearing the op on Republic side our group has decided to clear it on Imperial side as well, but the clear still eludes us, though we got Lady Dom to 2% on our last attempt, so I think we will be able to clear it this time.


This event is being formed for those who cleared the operation with me on Republic side, but if someone from them is not able to make it, anyone is free to come, provided they have at least 331 blue/purple gear (336 blue/purple with blue augments is best), and have read up on the operation and the boss fights prior to coming along


Just a small side note to everyone: A DwT is needed for the Lady Dom fight, which is usually @Dlique on our runs, but if they are not able to for some reason then someone else must take up that role, like @CRobin (She/Her) did during our last attempt.


Team Composition will be as follows: 


Tank: @MontagoHalcyon

DwT: @Yiss

Heal: @CRobin (She/Her)

Heal: @Slyfox

DPS: @Admiral Maximus
DPS: @AidenRhen

DPS: @Vikarr



The team composition will be updated as more people sign up for the operation.


On the very unlikely off-chance that we do not find enough guildies for the event, I'll ask around in other communities and invite you all to a personal discord server that I have for such an occasion. 


The operation typically takes around 2–3 hours to complete, regardless if we get the clear here too or not, so keep that in mind. 


I can set the operation to start an hour earlier or later than 3 pm, so if anyone would prefer that, do let me know.


Here is the discord link to the event if you want to sign up there: https://discord.com/channels/511748531204390913/755419327116869642/1084448759171268618

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