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  1. backup mdps
  2. until

    m'deeps (or sage heals if we're hilariously desperate)
  3. until

    sorry, have to bail; family thing that was on hold is no longer on hold
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    mdps (or sage heals if desperate)
  5. until

    mdps please
  6. until

    dps (or heals if needed)
  7. until

    mDPS (or Heals if we're feeling brave)
  8. until

    as a predominantly afternoon player, I'm in. mDPS (heals if we're hilariously desperate in need)
  9. Unfortunately I've had to cancel the Tuesday night game due to too many scheduling issues, and I have since recommitted to a previous engagement that I had put on hold for the Tuesday Night game. That said, there's been a couple requests for a Saturday night game, so I'll be looking to set one up starting in April; I'll have that post up end of next week. And new players are always welcomed at my table.
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    melee dps please
  11. 30 hours to go. What adventures can one find in Candlekeep. Also, still have an open spot or two.
  12. until

    mDPS please
  13. Roll 20 invite link is up https://app.roll20.net/join/12569254/LbtDTg Once you accept the link I strongly recommend logging into the game and immediately go into the settings (cogwheel upper right hand corner), under Audio/Visual tab set the "Others can hear or see" and "I can hear or see" and set both of those to NONE (we will use RoH's Discord for voice chat). Confirmed players: @Eyequ, @Helleboros, and @Kingtom225 Still have up to three open slots, @Esse_Veritas if you want one, or any others who are lurking. There are blank character sheets ready to go. Experienced players you can go ahead take one and create a level 2 character. Newbies, we'll walk you through character creation as part of our Session Zero. For those not familiar what Session Zero is, it is the discussion before launching a new campaign where the group lays out the foundations of game expectations. In this discussion we will go over game story and setting, campaign tone, character creation, house rules (if any), and the social contract. I'll pop in whichever open Discord channel 15 minutes before the session start. In the meantime, any questions, feel free to message me.
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