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    Is there a spreadsheet @Lim? I have not seen this. can you point me in the right direction? Sorry I could not make the training on Sunday. How did it go? In the future, is there anyway someone can record these? Would be useful for those who missed the event. Danke. RaVem

  3. Because we are all brand spanking new, we did not really specify limitations at the start. However, coincidentally, everyone pretty much created relatively base characters.
  4. I have never actually played DnD, any edition. I have recently started playing pathfinder, and it is... overwhelming, to say the least lol.
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    I have plans tomorrow night already, so unfortunately i am out. RaVem
  6. Just picked up the Humble Bundle. There is a lot of information lol.
  7. I have never played before, but I have been listening to the Adventure Zone, and would be lying if it didn't pique my interest in playing some actual D&D. I would totally be interested in perhaps playing something online with guildies. @Maeric speaking about finding the right group...
  8. Let's start looks in March.
  9. Tagging the Moose Knuckles @RaVem @ViVshotfirst @Jaqques @Elisel @Siscia @Tyrlo @Vil @Passiflora @Jinn Galia
  10. I am available Jinn
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    We usually host Christmas Eve, so this is a no go for me. Good luck all!
  12. Actually, maybe @MeRB has some healing/support WvW builds at the ready? I did forget about Revenants being able to heal as well.
  13. I am not up to date with what support/heals are effective in WvW. Before I left last, Firebrands were very strong for all of the boons and stability they provide. Tempests were strong in zergs where they could hang in the back. In a small group, I am not as certain. I don't recall seeing a ton of support druids in WvW. I know that before I left, healing Engy was a thing in raids. I could imagine it being fun in WvW as well. A barrier/heals/support scourge could be really fun in WvW. Not sure what other healer/support classes could rock in WvW. If you haven't already, @Astriel identified some strong builds for WvW. Perhaps other active WvWers could comment? Not sure who is active in WvW atm. RaVem
  14. Hi @DaphnisElhalyn, I am just getting back into GW2 after a hiatus, and have yet to step back into WvW (working on getting HPs for a new Warrior). With that said, I do intend to get into some WvW somewhat regularly for some havoc or roaming. I am always open to having more people to havoc/roam with, and would not mind working towards the goals originally discussed in this thread, although I believe that @Hrom and @Jinn Galia are both relatively inactive in GW2 currenly. If you are interested, we can definitely discuss this. You mentioned the following hurdles: Firstly, I am not good at WvW lol. Certainly not as good as other WvW players in our guild. But I like to learn, and theorycraft, and am willing to put the time in working with others to find a group composition and style that works with what people want to bring. I am a pretty patient person, and have always been willing to help people learn things in a low pressure environment. I have helped make raiding more accessible and friendly in two of our divisions in RoH, so am pretty familiar with helping people learn roles and strategies in intimidating situations. This leads us to your other point. Having worked in the past to make raiding accessible to all RoH members who are interested, but have not raided for one reason or another, I am aware of how intimidating it can be. Heck, the reason I have worked to make raiding accessible was because I used to be intimidated by it. When I came to RoH, I got an opportunity to try it out, and realized it wasn't bad at all - in the right environment. So, I would love to do the same here - make WvW accessible to any who may be interested. To that end, do you have a preferred class/build; a class/build that you would like to take into WvW? Since I am working on my new warrior, I am planning on bringing him into WvW. RaVem
  15. I thought you had my discord. But for everyone else, here is my Discord RaVem #8109
  16. I just wasn't sure what was happening. I am actually ok with not being a regular roster member since I have been too busy for much gaming recently. I would probably prefer to be backup if that is alright with everyone. RaVem
  17. Have I been removed from the team? I was on there before I went on LOA. I think I got voted off the island lol. @Hippy RaVem
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    Of course Siscia. You take care.
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    I am in. Also, since @Siscia is on emergency LOA, I would not assume that she or @Jaqques are in unless we hear otherwise from them.
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    The Question and Answer Period of the 2018 ROH High Elder Election will culminate in a Live Town Hall Q&A Session! Official 2018 ROH High Elder Election Q&A This will be a chance for you to ask questions live to the candidates and get a real-time response. Note: All questions will be filtered through the Elder Council prior to being asked to ensure questions are fair and unbiased.  Trial Members, Former Members, and Affiliates are ineligible to participate in Q&A process, but are encouraged to attend. If your trial finishes and you're accepted as a member while the Q&A or election are still running, you are free to ask and/or vote at that point.
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    Merliah, Something has come up, and I may be unable to attend tonight. Sorry. But if I do come, I can tank. RaVem
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    The deepest of deeps if possible