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  1. With regret, I will need to bow out. I've moved on and don't want to look back. Have fun!
  2. until

    OK, sounds like launch date is postponed.
  3. I'm just playing normal difficulty. Part of the problem, I think, is that I prefer non-violent solutions when available. That has two unfortunate consequences: (1) I spend a lot of time twiddling with a scenario to find the lowest-resistance pathway, and (2) I get less EXP than I would for killing everything in sight so I remain under-leveled. It seems this game punishes virtue! I was anticipating some options we might face in putting together a co-op team on Sunday. I will be available if needed but will happily sit out if there's ample supply of players. My experience with the game suggests we might want to have the following four toons: Tanky with melee and ranged attacks and perhaps ability to conjure a wolf or something. Bowman with primarily ranged attacks who can also conjure a fire slug. Summoner who can call up the Incarnate and imbue it while also doing ranged damage spells. Hydrosophist who can dispense healz and also conjure the spider creature. My experience is that fielding eight entities in this fashion tends to overwhelm the AI. The four secondary specialties I've found useful are Persuasion, Bartering, Thievery, and Loremaster. Other ideas?
  4. That's definitely my playstyle and the reason I'm so slow, but I'm enjoying the game more my second time around... seeing more stuff and spending a lot of time looting containers. One of my toons has high magic charm so I get better equipment from containers than I can buy on the street. I'm still struggling with being two or three levels down from typical mobs, so I'm apparently still not getting all the exp I should be. Makes me play sharp, though LOL.
  5. until

    There's either a problem in my assumptions or in my play style, because a game solo takes me over 100 hours. But I'm willing to learn!
  6. until

    Interesting idea, and thanks for suggesting it. I've never looked into the MP side of this game. I gather it's a bit like the old D&D board game? I suspect it would take a LONG time to finish one game playing a couple of hours a week, though. Do you have more details to suggest on how we might organize the event?
  7. Thanks! Would it be possible to gather up any other posts on this topic and move them here?
  8. "Anan" (Banewright) has read and agreed to these rules.

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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