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  1. Hi, y'all! There must be something better than raisins at my level. Anybody got extra food to sell? Same with healing potions. I know there's better available but it's hard to choose or to find a bargain in-game.
  2. I'm currently at level 51 and, despite being an old-timer, I haven't found it overwhelming to keep track of what I really NEED to know. The black mage guide I referenced tells you which skills to use and which to set aside at various levels. The most challenge is if you do the 'Daily Roulette' which can take you into places where your top-level skills don't work. Then you need a secondary skills bar (I use #10) that is tuned to the particular level of that dungeon. Currently my combat rotation involves mainly buttons 1-2-3-4 along with a few "oh shit" skills that I keep handy. Try the guide... honest!
  3. I'm enjoying my newly-hatched black mage. High dps but running and gunning is a problem because most of his spells are slow to cast. Exception is Scathe, which I can cast on the run. Of course I'm super squishy! I found https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/22514087/blog/3977775/ helpful but I'm far from an expert.
  4. Having just finished the main story (level 50), I'm taking some time off before diving into the expansions. Typically, I decided to write about my experience so far in the hope of attracting more players to FFXIV and the RoH club. Please review my article at https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/46904-final-fantasy-fourteen-an-mmorpg-worth-your-time/ and add your comments and 'likes' with the intention of keeping this topic active in the broader community so we can pull in a lot more players and move towards division status. I'm sure the many veterans in this club can considerably enrich my comments on this topic, but I felt somebody had to get the ball rolling and I'm always willing to share my opinions LOL.
  5. I dipped a toe into Palace of the Dead yesterday and it felt really flat. What am I missing?
  6. I appreciate this very much and am happy to pay for your spare Mega-Potions. I'm currently level 47 so I can't go outside the basic area, I think. Any of the three capitols will be easy for me. New Gridania is cheapest. If you will name a convenient time (including your time zone) I'll be there!
  7. I was wondering if there's somebody in the Club who would care to make me some Mega-Potions? I'm happy to pay for time and materials but they're currently out of sight on the Market Board.
  8. 130 players in queue for Mateus this AM at 6 LOL.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I started in WoW in 2005 and was fortunate enough to find a really cohesive, well-structured community that was available when I wanted to do an instance. In those days, instances took serious attention, planning, and actual strategy. My toon rotated from healz to ranged dps to melee dps/OT during my first year in the game, and my favorite instance of all time was the big haunted house that I can't even remember the name of but which reminded me of Biltmore House, which is near where I live. When that was new, we took two four-hour sessions to complete it! Nowadays it seems players want to race through instances and dps everything in sight, and I don't even get a chance to look at the scenery. Occasionally I need to get out of the way of some special attack that's well-advertised in advance; I never have to research the instance to understand the mechanics before going in there. So it feels a bit flat. Being on the East Coast and a bit of an early-to-bed/early-to-rise type, I have a hard time with the typical West Coast raiding schedule. OTOH, in FFXIV I don't have to wait around very long to get into a PUG... about ten minutes is the longest so far. And logging in to Mateus seems a lot quicker than was described above for Malboro; I've never had to wait more than 30" even during prime time. So I'm beginning to wonder what role the typical FC plays in the lives of its members. In some MMOs, there are a lot of high-level crafters who delight in outfitting me in return for materials (at most). I'm not much into crafting, nor have I dipped into the local equivalent of Auction House... just playing with what I pick up so far. And there have been very few quests that have required me to really exert myself. Maybe once a day I have a 'stupid attack' and die. I play several hours a day, any time from sunup to sundown, so having the PUGs available is a sort of blessing, and nobody has tried to make me feel bad when I screw up. Perhaps I'm a weird duck in that I actually enjoy leveling as long as there's a good story to hold my interest. I'd rather be helping folks than killing stuff anyhow. And there are some enjoyable moments in the storyline:
  10. It's a helpful starter guide for those new to the game. I think it would help your recruiting prospects to also have a FAQ that would orient people to your club/FC and its activities, similar to what RoH has in its public area. I would recommend it be pinned to the top of your discussion boards so anybody looking for FFXIV would see that FAQ first.
  11. How confusing! I considered an FC that seemed pretty popular called "Heart of the Party" until I realized that was not what I had thought it was LOL.
  12. I'm a whisker short of Level 35 this AM, so I guess I need to decide about proceeding to purchase software and membership. I'm inclined to go ahead, but I remain on Mateus, where I had started due to obsolete info on the relevant thread in the Casual Games forum. So now I need to seriously consider whether I should join HOPE or perhaps a traditional endgame guild here on Mateus. I'm not interested in paying $18 to change servers, and Mateus has a good reputation as far as I know. If anybody would care to enlighten me as to the fundamentals of HOPE, I would be grateful. I still wonder that there's no real FAQ that I can find so prospective members understand what's to be gained and what's expected of new members. I'm particularly interested in learning how many ACTIVE members are in the FC and what the normal weekly activities are.
  13. I saw a tag for a FC called HOPE running around in Ul'dah today. Character name is Argus Flynt. Is that one of ours? What's our FC tag, anyhow?
  14. The training for group instance play I'm currently undergoing strikes me as a wonderful innovation! I don't recall seeing anything similar in any other MMO. Normally you just learn by dying.

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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