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  1. until

    It's possible I may actually have to bow out this time. Depends on how quick I can finish my work tomorrow. Apologies ahead of time if I can't make it. As of right now though, I'm good to go. I'll let you guys know ahead of time tomorrow for sure whether or not i'll be attending.
  2. until

    Signing up as backup dps if all the spots are full.
  3. @Neo lol didn't think about it honestly. Just tagged those two cause they were in chat with me when we discussed this.
  4. Morvio

    RoH Shirt Idea.jpg

    I agree, a logo on the front would make this even better. The design is already pretty sweet, but it's lacking impact on the front by just being blank. It needs to at least have something there in my opinion.
  5. Morvio


    Various swtor related images.
  6. Morvio


    Various screenshots of my time in the realm of Eorzea.
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