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  1. I’m stuck at work until 4, probably gonna miss all of it
  2. I have been so busy I haven’t even made a character yet, but this seems super fun and great reason to jump in!
  3. Great stuff in here!
  4. Are you on them? Can I add you so we can be forum buddies? I am there as (surprise!) Svaala.
  5. This is so awesome. And the implications of long duration battles where there will be a need for both short and long range fighting intermittently is super exciting. I really hate short battles where you just have to spam things and don’t get to fully deploy a range of abilities. I love this too, and I’m hoping rogues have something similar for their poisons. I loved poison crafting in EQ and finding all the ingredients was part of it! I think I’m going to have to make a Ranger AND a rogue
  6. @Telana I was just about to start posting all of these(especially the rogue, my alter ego), but I am so glad you did so I get to be lazy! Haha thanks!
  7. As long as I get second breakfast I'm good! XD Will do, thanks!
  8. I’ve never played LOTRO but I have been super curious about more game to pacify me until Pantheon! Hah. I’ll make a toon too