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  1. Happy Birthday @recode 


    Miss running stuff with you!!

  2. Recode! Happy birthday, man! I miss conquering Cyrodiil with you!! ❤️ 

  3. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  4. Basing my selection on it being pacific time. If it's eastern, 2:00am would be around the time I'd be logging on
  5. until

    I’ll still be at work (PST), so hopefully I’ll be able to catch the next event!
  6. Your Character Name: Esley Skymeadow How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? Started at relaunch, played for a few months Favorite thing to do in game? At the time it was apparently crafting, lol. Currently would like to do more PvE Greatest accomplishment in game? Was one of the first lv 50 weavers on Gilgamesh How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? A few months Have you every been in a leadership or assistant position? No Have you ever ran for any offices in RoH? No Have you any projects that you worked on in RoH? No
  7. Thanks @Kyn, it's been a long time since I logged in, so I'm sure I will have some questions. Right now I'm just waiting for customer support to unlink the authenticator (don't have emergency password anymore). Hopefully it doesn't take too long to hear back from them
  8. Just wondering, are we also going to meet up in TS for the draft?
  9. I know that I'll be out for pretty much the whole day. I'm guessing the earliest I'd get back is 7:30pm PST. Would Sunday work at all?
  10. I think I need to get a stronger glasses prescription. Can't find where to vote, mine would be for, but I have used yahoo in the past.