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  1. I played since SC1, but I am not that good at the game.
  2. I just got done preparing the new campaign I created for my players. I used Inkarnate which was really easier, but I go a little further making excel spreadsheets to help me keep track of things. I have a EXP tracker that will update the level in case I miss it. I have a movement tracker with distance and time to places. Last I have all the ships and traveling merchant locations/routes mapped out. I made a character build based off different dice rolls for new characters. Plus history of the island which was more fun then it should have been. EXP Keeper.pdf PC Stat Cal.pdf Travel Times.pdf Travel Times-Main.pdf Map Land Zones.pdf
  3. I am DMing a game of Pathfinder. My players get tunnel vision and I make there life hell! All Charts.pdf