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  1. until

    I can come as a backup
  2. Rama

    VMOPs Karagga's Palace


    Any role.
  3. Rama



    Any role
  4. Rama

    VMOPs Eternity Vault

    I'll be around if you need a backup for any role
  5. until

    You might be cancelling too early. I've come to sign up for this the last few Saturdays, and it's already cancelled. Sometimes I don't know until the afternoon if I'll have the evening free, and I wonder if there are others in a similar predicament.
  6. until

    Any role
  7. until

    Any role if there's still room.
  8. until

  9. Rama

    SMOP RACE FOR A 100 MILLION Eternity Vault


    any role
  10. until

    Any role
  11. Rama

    VMOPs Dread Fortress


    I'll heal
  12. until

    I have another meeting this week. Hopefully things will settle back down soon.
  13. until

    I won't be able to make it this week.
  14. until

    Unfortunately, I have to work this Wednesday evening, so I'm not going to be able to make it.