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    I am a PC Gamer, I was a manager of Lacrosse school sports team for 5 years in school, arthritis and scoliosis, have I have a disability called cerebral palsy, using my laptop and went to a sleepaway camp for 6 years

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    Darius Halestorm
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    Jedi Guardian
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    Bears Sorceress
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  1. completed 1st chapter of the main storyline 

    1. Bears (Darius)

      Bears (Darius)

      @Aedi Lanigiro@Elisel

      I did get the auto reminder and I do not believe I have other tasks to complete for my trial for the week if I do please verify with me  

    2. Elisel


      Sorry Bears, didn't see your message until after you logged from TS. But yea, @Aedi Lanigiro is your RO and so glad you tagged him here. I was going to suggest you do that.

    3. Bears (Darius)

Congratulations to Angst, DreamingofRoses, Mevraz & orbitoclast on being chosen Members of the Month for January for their primary divisions!

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