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  1. I really appreciate your help the other day. Thank you! I believe I would like to Join the ESO and GW2 guild as well. I am working on the tasks for my two week period. I look forward to meeting you soon. 

    1. Telana


      Of course, happy to help! :) Excellent, you can totally join us in ESO if you'd like! Just keep in mind that your objectives only count for GW2, but you are free to join us in whatever events you'd like! 


      What is your ESO account name so I can toss you an invite to the guild?

    2. Maecyn
    3. Telana


      Tossed you an invite, @Maecyn!

  2. Hello I am in my two week trial period and I am planning on creating an Imperial Character as well. I will do so in the next few days probably. I will name him Maesyn if I can. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you soon!

    1. Merliah


      Good to know! If you need an invite to the guild, you can whisper an officer or assistant! Most of the events I run require high level characters, but people often run other things so you can ask around.


      Looking forward to seeing you Imperial side!