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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I am on bloodsail, i rolled a night elf hunter and i am the same name as the forums. "Turmon"
  3. Skyrim, No matter how much time has passed this game i can get in a rabbit hole and play for hours. I am very happy to have it on switch, it makes it easier to just pick it up anywhere. Especially long car rides where i dont need to drive.
  4. If I am not on SWTOR i typically play my XBOX-X. I usually play FPS(pubg and COD) but i enjoy alot others like Red Dead 2, Div2, Assasins Creed and others. I have a switch but i rarely play it.(Skyrim and Pokemon). and i just got a pc to play swtor so eventually ill dabble on steam for good games to play.
  5. I would love to join but i work nights, Do you guys typically play on Thursday nights? Anything going on for the weekend?
  6. If alot of people are into tabletop and rp we could do online dnd or pathfinder. Roll20.com is free and we can meet on discord or teamspeak.
  7. Hello I am Sean, I am 32 and I live in New Jersey, and I work in bridge construction.(Apprenticing to be a operator) In my spare time I enjoy playing my Xbox. I mainly play FPS, other then that i enjoy watching movies, listening to music and playing with my bearded Dragon named Daryl. Anything else feel free to ask.
  8. Grats on your full membership! 👍