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  1. until

    Wow... Sounds great!
  2. Sorry everyone cant make it.. Friday nights are difficult.. Work stuff! I hope to see most of you this weekend perhaps
  3. until

    Need to work on my gear score.. LOL V--V
  4. Hello Everyone, 


    Question on RoH Roleplay.  Do you RP in game or is does this guild do a Creative writing style RP.  Just asking as I primarily was looking for a RP guild... just checking the syle of play.





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    2. Baroness Vezspa

      Baroness Vezspa

      Sure sounds good.. although unfortunately I work nights... and sleep in the early AM... not sure how many of those I will be able to attend.

    3. Madhatter5510


      Man that stinks there is a forum RP coming up so when I get you into the taglist you should be notified of it sorry to hear about you not being able to join us 

    4. Jaark
  5. until

    Oh no worries.... LOL coming back after 2 years.. still getting used to even where the planets are.. I look forward in doing some events this weekend with everyone.
  6. until

    Hello there.. say I flew to Balmorra... but did not find any like minded.. not sure even where we were to meet at. Did I miss something or was Sith pretty much a no show.. LOL
  7. until

    Hello there.... would love to travel with you all to Balmorra.. as long as we dont kill each other.. LOL I only have SITH... so not sure how that works out. By the way this also would be my first event... V--V