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  1. Sadly I am happily in a free company on Aether for over a year, but see the HOPE tag on players from time to time. Glad to know it is you guys so I will make a habit to greet everyone.
  2. Ammy

    Guild Wars 2

    Screenshots ranging from scenic vista (not for map completion) to group victories all spruced in Reshade.
  3. Greetings! Apologies for the joining without an introduction for so long. My name is Amber though can be referred to by others. I am twenty-seven year old resident of Pennsylvania with many interests and few hobbies. A college graduate going for another degree in half the time and credits needed thanks to proper degree planning. I major in Cultural Studies with a minor in literature and writing. As for hobbies they are do not stray far from the arts whether it be preforming or visual. Those that do are in game development and film specifically hand-drawn animation. Why? Growing up I was surrounded by media when it was genuine oppose to now that is money-grubbing to questionable. As for interests a few are listed on my sidebar however its an ever-growing list to write them all. I have been single for most of my life with my attention being concerned with a career than anything outside of companionship. No, I am not asexual just dedicated to my success before contributing wholly to my partner once achieved. Odd but my family is much like this of their own volition than tradition. To focus the needs first before wants. A sound strategy that is tried and true even in my endeavors.