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Morgana Ulfwe |  Tyrlo |  Armaros |  Tyrtaeus



Recruitment: Jixara Crafting: Morgani Recruitment: Squeeks PvE: KageSennen Recruitment: Haloa Ohana Crafting: Esong*****
PvE: Phoenix Roleplay: Vil Roleplay: Vacant PvP: Vacant PvE: Telana Roleplay: Chapmonious
PvP: Mevraz VoD: Katalaw Seneschal: Zang PvP: AlexanderK9

Recruitment: Vyrigan PvE: Iliera
Roleplay: Sionis PvP: Vacant
Crafting: Amanda

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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