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    Coffee, cats, writing, books, warm socks, sunshine and basically anything lazy and cozy! Discord: siscia#2630

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    Siscia Dathi
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    Seren Ledain, Siscia Ledain, Cadence Ledain
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  1. Happy Birthday @Siscia  hope all is well with you!

  2. Happy birthday @Siscia!!! :D 

    1. Siscia


      Thank you @Felipe! Hope you're doing well!

  3. Happy happy birthday - we are missing you and @Squeeks and the gang <3

  4. Happy birthday, Kiamei! Hope you have an awesome day!

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    Happy birthday!

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    Happy birthday! I hope it's awesome! :D 

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    Happy birthday, Pen! ❤️ 

  8. Happy (awkward) birthday!!! :D 

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  9. Thanks for recording! I was bummed my power cut out right when it was starting.
  10. You probably won't see this, but wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! ❤️ Hope you're doing well!

    1. Skywolven


      Thanks, my friend.  I check in ever so often.  Being away from my RoH friends has been hard.  :(


      Take care and I wish nothing but the best for you!

  11. I didn't mean to steal him!! He could still play with you guys! I don't mind!
  12. Happy birthday, Kag! :D 


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      Thanks! I didn't know you could post on profiles and was confused for a second 😛