Heroic 4 - Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid


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Day: 14/03/21 Time: 10:00am EST (I don't trust the time converter.) :p


[HEROIC 4] The Alchemy of Evil/Uprooting the Last Seed and/or [HEROIC 4] The Shroud’s Last Stand/The Shroud Revealed;


Rewards and Benefits of this activity: “Dreadseed” or “Star Forager” titles; the chest piece from this armor https://swtorista.com/armor/dreadseed or the chest piece from this https://swtorista.com/armor/star-forager . Seeker Droid ability and the EV-2 Macrobinoculars. Not mention that after completing Macrobinoculars and Seeker you will have access to hidden achievements and quests at CZ-198 (inclunding a pet), Oricon and Star Fortress and the GSI reputation too.


If you want catch up with us and start the questline feel free to gather a group or ask for help at:






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See you all on Sunday morning!


If the time converter is acting funny, it's probably because Daylight Savings Time goes into effect for most of the USA at 1am between Saturday (3/13) and Sunday (3/14).  This one is "Spring Forward" so we will change from GMT - 5 hours to GMT - 4 hours.


I will have an rDPS (Sorcerer) on Imp Side and a mDPS (Scoundrel) on Pub Side!




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