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[PVE-IMP] Forces of Mayhem! SM DF aka Dread Fortress and DP



Event details


It's time for the Dread OPs!!!  You know you love them!!  We have Calphy, Rap Daddy Raptus, Brontes and more!!  Yeah I missed a few and probably spelled names wrong but I forget their names cause they won't let me join them, no matter how many times I've asked *cries*.  So, they must "die" (they always come back)  



  • Must have a level 80 toon on imp side.
  • Have at least 306 gear
  • Join discord, we will be in our own channel.  Don't need to talk but need you in there to hear.
  • Some of us will be in starparse, in vodvod1.  Starparse is not required, just an option.
  • Please show up 10-15 mins before. I will be starting invites then.
  • Please sign up below with what you what you would like to bring.  If you can do more then one, please add that.  Make sure to hit the going button above as well.


Extra Info:

  • Please grab quest before raid.  It can be shared now but it's always good to grab it :) 
  • If you sign up and can't make it.  Please reply to this thread or send me a message in discord.
  • If you sign up with more then one spec you can go as.  Please be prepared that it could change before we start the raid.
  • If we get 8 sign ups, please don't be afraid to sign up anyways.  I like doing 16m, so if we get enough, we can do it!


Raid Lead: @Slyfox

Tank:  @cRobin

Tank/DPS:  @Kialya (dps w/taunt)

Heals:  @Toshiro

Heals:  @Jin

Heals:  @Slyfox

Dps:  @AidenRhen

Dps:  @Vorn

Dps:  @Skywalker17

Dps:  @Altayast

Dps:  @DarthDragonWolf

Dps:  @Darth Gumby








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