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  1. My family's leftover rice is never fried. This way, the child is addicted to it.
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  2. Exactly what Saal said. It doesn’t really matter and I sing along to the songs while others do actual karaoke. I am not that brave enough for that. Lol
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  3. Hello RoH! It is that time for Karaoke again and this time there is no theme! Just sing your heart out and sing with feeling! Me, I am gonna do 80s songs, but that is because I love 80s music. When: Friday, 1/31/2020 Time: 7:30pm Est/4:30pm pst/6:30pm cst Where: Some where in RoH Discord! (Just look for T'riss name) I hope to see you all there and lets have fun! T'riss ^_~* (wink)
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  4. I remember people doing both. I think whatever makes you more comfortable will be fine! Y'all I am so stoked for this!!
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  5. Looking forward to this, but will probably be late as I won't get home from work until 8 or 8:30 EST.
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