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    DPS or Heals
  4. until

    dps or heal if needed
  5. until

    I can DPS or heal or tank with a scrub
  6. until

    Possibly heal and or dps
  7. until

    I can help out with any openings as needed, although more geared an heals and DPS.
  8. until

    Sorry unable to fill in will be away for a week visiting family and newborn niece
  9. until

    If need a backup i could help out where needed.
  10. until

    Sure! I can bring either melee(operative) or ranged(sorc)
  11. until

    DPS though could heal just haven’t touched heal or tank yet.
  12. until

    Unsure about my status due to inclement weather passing by thurs/friday....expecting power outages and unsure how long that will last. @Sayuri @Katalaw
  13. until

    I probably will be unable to as I have to get packed up for the next few days, as I will be spending it away from home unless the hurricane decides to go north, but as of right now it looks like it will be going across the state:/
  14. until

    Right now I am a maybe, waiting to see tomorrow how bad the storm maybe, before making a decision to leave or not, right now I will probably be here though.
  15. until

    Aiden we just had 3 ppl so we decided to have another bust for me i had to get up early, and wasnt sure finding 4-5 pugs would be worth it for HM?