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  1. I feel so accepted right now 😁

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      Congrats and welcome to full member status! It's a pleasure to have you! :D

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      Hear hear!! :D Glad to have you join us as a fellow Remnant! 

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      Guys you're so good! Thank you :D

  2. Hey, friends! I've been playing on Arena because f2p is my current budget limit, but I have a few physical decks stored away. Haven't played tournaments or anything, just super casual with my SO and friends. My main deck on Arena is black/white vampires and I'm loving it. The current meta is full of blue/green merfolk and red/blue zappers so it's been fun working around them with something different. My main physical deck was a black/green naga deck, I don't remember which set it was though. Is anyone else here on Arena?