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  1. *standing on head* ... lol good one guys


  2. @Telana @Ezoura @DigitalMonk @Elisel @Skaal Hey wanted to tag those in leadership who i had the opportunity to talk with since my trial began. Its been a busy week for me RL wise but would like to remain committed to completing my application. Tomorrow is 2 weeks, i believe ive met  my requirements and really look forward to joining RoH. How and when can I schedule a TS3 interview? 

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    2. Telana


      Hey there @Myraxhis Aurileion! Hmmm, I only have two events documented for you that was posted on your application. The dungeon you ran on Saturday night, and then another dungeon you ran with Orbit and Chelly? Take note, your 3 in-game activities need to be on 3 separate days. :)  

    3. Myraxhis Aurileion

      Myraxhis Aurileion

      @Telana  I believed or at least thought the community meeting last week on TS3 was included, i was in attendance. If not let me know.

    4. Telana


      Oh right,  cool! Just sent ya a PM :)