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  1. My toon is at level 30, and now that my life is beginning to settle down I'm ready to go adventuring with you folks!
  2. I... may end up waiting for everybody to catch up with my Beorning. I’m still using my mobile hotspot as my internet and it’s crappier than ever. She’s only in her 30s so it won’t take that long and hopefully by the time people do catch up I’ll have real internet.
  3. I have a lot of free time myself since I'm out on disability for the foreseeable future. Sunday, Friday and Monday nights are bad for me since I've got groups I get together with IRL. Other than that the sky's wide open.
  4. How well do the Beornings tank and heal? I've never really got to play them outside of just solo content.
  5. I've got a Premium Housing Writ that I've never used so... I don't know. I'm currently running around trying to figure something out.
  6. Turns out I had just enough left over to buy the thing, which is awesome. PARTY AT MY HOUSE! (when I get one) When I logged in for the first time in years I had about 15000 coins to spend on stuff.
  7. Hah! I just spent most of my tokens for inventory space, shared storage space, and cosmetic space.
  8. That's a good question. Are we going with my Kin or do we have a semi-official one set up already?
  9. God, me too. I haven't really played the game in, like, 5 years. It used to be something me and the ex would do until we both got roped back into WoW.
  10. Oh hey! That's where all my stuff is at! Since I'm an altoholic I can easily make a lowbie until we catch up to my Beornling. (Which is only in her 40s so it won't be that hard)
  11. OMG, thank you everybody for your birthday wishes. I've only been here a month or so and it's nice to see everybody be so welcoming!

  12. Just to clarify, which server are we going to be doing this on?
  13. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday @Kateywumpus! May it be a great one!