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  1. Nice concept, mate! My suggestion might be to introduce two characters: one being the antagonist, one being the mentor, and the reveal be the fact that they are the same person. Maybe drop subtle clues throughout the story such as unexplained disappearances (gaps in his attendance in the story where he would have been expected to be there), perhaps him being fiercely defensive of a certain philosophy; just little moments where he drops his facade that gives the audience (and the protagonist, if you wish to go that route) clues. Happy writing! Looking forward to seeing some more ideas about the world and the story
  2. Technically, we even pulled 2nd boss ... Because a CERTAIN DPS wanted to recreate an old WoW pull >.>
  3. until

    o/ Any Role.
  4. o/ Stamblade DPS; Warden Healer; Necro-Tank. Currently doing ~20k on Parse Dummy with blue jewellery, BUT I have another set option I am going to parse with to test and will send over. Hopefully, I can get final piece of AY before Saturday and I can be even better equipped, but we'll see.
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    o/ Any Role; but tank & healer might only be 234.
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    o/ Any Role.
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    DPS, please Tank/Heal might be possible (my tank might not be 236)
  8. until

    I do have a couple of toons: DPS and tank; both of them should be at least close to 240 (DPS is 242 I believe, but I've been away from the game). I'd like to be a backup None are 242, unfortunately, so I'll bow out. Apologies.
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    Assassin DPS, please