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  1. @KalianVan That's completely fair. Let me see what I can get on to the availability thread and we can go from there. Apologies if I came off too bluntly. I've still got minor PTSD from my last group of Civ Friends who were also my D&D group. I'm very used to public speaking and performing but they were used to 8 hour sessions. Civ games were all day affairs. You're entirely reasonable.
  2. I may be interested. @KalianVan Steam tells me I have over 2000 hours into Civ V and I quit Civ VI every time I've started a game but I do have it. Key to interest is how and when these things are scheduled and how long you think a game will take to play? I can't commit six hours to a game at any point in time when it can't be saved. Thanks, Song