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Going to do an easy Story Mode Eternity Vault to start this new VMOPs group off!

Date: 07/21/2020 (Tuesday)

  • Operation Start Time (Start time is first pull): 6:00pm EST
  • Operation End Time: 8:00pm

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the operation begins, or you will be replaced.

Please read the requirements before signing up



11k minimum on a 3.25m Ops Training Dummy with modifier

10k minimum on a Healing Training Dummy 

A clear tanking in Storymode

  • Item Rating: 285 on your character sheet
  • StarParse is required
  • To sign up, RSVP and put the roles you plan on doing (Please specify if your doing rDPS or mDPS). This is Required!

Discord is required, we'll be in our own operation channel

Just enjoy the operation; try new tacticals; and the most important thing, have fun!

Raid leader: @hunterhead

Tank: @hunterhead

Tank: @MDStacky

Heals: @Aedi Lanigiro

Heals: @Azilori

rDPS: @Mirivor

rDPS: @Yiss

mDPS: @aj85

mDPS: @Skywalker17

Backups: @Laysa


SM Eternity Vault @6pm EST

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