SWTOR - Achievement Hunt


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Day: 17/04/21 Time: 3:00pm EST


Tomorrow me and @Dalivandrian will be run an Achievement Hunt Imp Side and what achievements we are talking about? Well:


- Hunting Down the Jedi Master 

- Corellia: Raiding the Republic

- Hoth: Infiltrating the Republic

- Tyrant of Ilum! 

- Quesh: Infiltrating the Republic

- Unraveling the Republic

- Section X: Infiltrating the Republic

- Black Hole: Ransacking the Republic


So bring your Achievement Boost and lets chill while hunt the enemies we need. :) 

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3 hours ago, Kitt said:

I'll be there. Is there a min lvl?

No, any level, but you might want to bring a Toon that has already traveled to the listed planets because it will have already unlocked part of the map making it easier to travel, but we can use summons if necessary. :) 

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