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  1. Oh hey! BTW I hope you had a great birthday Azraella! I miss healing with you!
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  2. Fun times were had last night! Those Involved: Myself, Nessa, Trin What Purpose: Giganotosaurus Taming Level of Giga? 44 Attempts: 2 Result: Failure (but quite the fun!) Attempt 1 I'm on my quetz and Trin first goes to her quetz but then is picked up by Nessa on her argent, I put Smudge (trin's quetz) on follow and we begin. This Giga ran...ALOT! We'd get maybe 4 arrows in and he'd go off another way, it got to where every time nessa or trin would talk he would start running away, so we started making sure neither said a word (still didn't work :P). At some point the Giga took a turn under some trees, we couldn't see it so somehow, when I went slightly under to see if I could spot him, Smudge decided to go under my bird right in the Giga's eye level...and subsequently became lunch (sadface, this has now become personal for Trin!). After 2 broken bows, about 200 arrows wasted and night falling, we decide it's good to pack it in and head back to base to restock, wait for morning, and try for attempt 2 Attempt 2 691 arrows, 3 bows, 1 being Nessa's Purple bow, and Daylight on our side we head back out, Trin fell! and died...promptly. Nessa grabs trins things and goes back to pick her up, comes back, Fortune favors us and giga is stuck in a wall face, He goes unconcious! but high up on the wall so I have to fly above him and jump down on him, they put the prime on my bird... I transfer over...but realize there was no narco on my bird...OH NO, they forgot to put the narco on my quetz!... Torpor is dropping fast, I say.. "Narco?" oh great... I fall down and am stuck between the cliff face and a rock, as Nessa is rushing to get me the narco and me to safety, something wakes up and takes a big chunk out of me...Nessa saves me barely! Trin goes running the other way on foot, my poor quetz regardless of being whistled to come back home decided he was a bigger dino than the Giga... he thought wrong. We call it there, down 2 quetzals, alot of arrows, some prime meat, deaths, BUT ALOT OF FUN!
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