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  1. Happy Birthday @ViVshotfirst!


    I really miss you and hope you are doing well!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's an amazing day!

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    Hey all! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Is there a better way to celebrate than punching Soa right in the face?! I don't think so! Here is the lineup for tonight's run: Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @ViVshotfirst DPS: @Vil DPS: @Tyrlo We will be running through SM EV and then KP, if time permits. I set the ops time to be 9 - 11 PM ET, but it can be extended depending on how everyone is feeling. Hard cutoff should be 12 AM. I'll work with @Jinn Galia to get all of our future events on the calendar so that this is easier to plan for. If you are unable to make it tonight, please post on here. Looking forward to meeting up!
  4. Happy Birthday my friend!

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      HAHA this is great! Thanks man!

  5. Happy birthday ViV! I hope it was an awesome one <3

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      It was wonderful! Thank you very much!

  6. Viv!!!!


    Happy birthday my friend! I hope you are having an excellent day.

    Now I'm jealous, you're a year more wiser now.


    Hope you eat a lot of cake, just like this:

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      Haha, looks delicious! Thank you!