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  1. okay thanks for letting me know, maybe ill come spectate it
  2. Well to me the game as changed pretty well. Try playing aquick single player game to see how big the recent updates has made it. Just recently and coming soon is a new bunch of story aspects coming to Stellaris, plus spies, diplomatic stuff, etc. I recommend you check it out when you can! Thank you for your reply, Phoenix
  3. Hello all! I am back pretty much officially now, just doing my job training before I leave and land in Misawa, Japan. Yup Japan. I did get a new laptop which is a really good gaming laptop so I can run just about every game. ANYWAYS........ I wanted to figure out who is still playing Stellaris and see who still wants to play when we make an event. So here we go! Please let me know in this poll. Click YES if you are still playing and wanting to. Click NO if you are not playing anymore and burned out, etc. Tagging~
  4. Are we doing another game here soon? @KalianVan
  5. It's fine lol, I'll just come in on the next game
  6. Happy Birthday Saal!

    I know its not the best present, but all I can give is that I am back from training!


    Aim High.. Fly.. Fight.. Win


  7. Didn't mean to comment it multiple time my bad thanks though I'll be online like after 1630 or so because military stuff.. Thanks, Phoenix
  8. I'd like a invite! I am new to D2 not division as a whole though. Wanting to level and play with everyone!
  9. I'll join the clan as well! I just started playing this last week. I played Division 1 a lot, but I am back to strike at D2 with you all! I am level 8 currently and leveling quickly
  10. Maybe I'll be able to join next game! Sorry I missed Thursday. It was a rough week..
  11. We should all play when I get back! Phoenix
  12. Hellooooo all!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Elisel


      *tackle hug*


      Phoenix!!! So good to hear from you :)

    3. Vorn


      Kessler?  Best wishes!  Glad to hear you got through basic.  Now go learn things in tech school!!

    4. Phoenix


      Thank you guys! I will try to get my laptop for tech school and get my desktop set up when I get the time. I'll be at Keesler for 47 days, 21 days waiting for class to start and 26 business of class


      Thank you very much!


  13. You do and its terrifying. We are all gonna band together to purify those filthy xenos
  14. Let us know what DLC you have! Tagging!~

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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