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  1. You do and its terrifying. We are all gonna band together to purify those filthy xenos
  2. Let us know what DLC you have! Tagging!~
  3. I am playing Dark Souls III for the first time and wanted to play with others I want to have fun while playing one of the hardest game. I do not have much time left as I leave for the Air Force at February 4th-5th of 2019. But before come play Dark Souls 3 with me!
  5. we will see when we play this thursday
  6. Okay I need to military up harder then. I have a choke point with them and I'll put everything I have into that choke point. If they do what you said @Kriege7
  7. Completely got annihilated by overpowered AI. Sorry to waste everyone's time
  8. Are we doing mods for this run? Like just flag backgrounds and stuff?
  9. Stellaris is on sale go and get the game while its cheap!
  10. Phoenix


    Hey everyone Civilization VI is on sale for 75% off for base game, 75% off for Digital Deluxe, 47% off Civilization and Scenario Pack Bundle, 70% for Civ 6 Gold Edition WHICH WAS 130$ now is 38.09$. Go get your Civilization 6 on sale for a REALLY LOW price! Thanks, Phoenix Tagging~ Also a whole bunch of other games on sale on Steam!
  11. Phoenix

    Recommended Games

    Winter sale is probably the best time to get anything on sale. But I'll keep a eye out.
  12. Phoenix

    Recommended Games

    ^ I agree. Even just Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is fun as well and you can have a good amount of people + its pretty cheap now a days. Planetary Annihilation: Titans Very fun, massive games can be played with A LOT of people. Huge maps. Like the size of solar systems* (*The maps you play on are planets in a solar system and you can travel to all of the planets, maybe Death Star planets, as well as planet bombs/meteor bombs.) Huge armies, sometimes need a good pc for HUGE games. Just amazing fun and laughs.
  13. Phoenix

    Rated PVP Battlegrounds!

    Hey all the PvP Department will be attempting Rated Battlegrounds. We are going to do Rated Battlegrounds every Sundays and Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST there is no end time, but we tend to do about 5-8 rated battlegrounds. Come join us on Alliance to fight with us in rated battlegrounds! Thank you~ The WoW PvP Department!
  14. Phoenix

    Casual PVP Battlegrounds!

    Hey! Welcome to the casual pvp event! Now its 5 person per team I will have everyone sign up and then I'll will divide off into teams a day before the event starts. You can also sign up in the in-game calendar! Come join me on at 8pm EST every Sunday!! I can still add more teams! By the way Thank you all! The WoW PvP Department
  15. My shipping date is February 5th 2019! I'll be gone for quite a while after I get to Lake land Airbase down in Texas!

    Wish me luck!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Neo


      Good luck my friend. Hopefully, we'll get to do something together again before you leave. :D 

    3. Phoenix


      Yes, I've been at this for at least 2 years.

    4. Amarix


      Well I wish you success with training. 

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