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  1. Yeah I havea thief I plan on going Ninja on until I can take Samurai. I will likely give the game another chance once I get back from vacation. However, I don't think I am on the same server as you all, so will likely need a transfer somewhere down the road.
  2. I need a new MMO and played a bit of FF14 earlier this year and enjoyed it, but never got past level 30. I am wary about going back to WoW or ESO at this point, just wondering how the game is doing since the expac. My only worry about starting is the cost and being so far behind and trying to catch up.
  3. just post your username/character names here and I will invite.
  4. We do have a guild, but it is pretty much only me that I have seen logged in recently. Not sure if I just need to get people invited or people left over time. I know some people moved on to different guilds.
  5. From the album: Lagerfueled's Legion Album.

    Nothing like getting the rarest div card in the game from a Stacked Deck. Thanks for the 7 Exalts.
  6. Almost to level 60 and in Act 7 right now. This league is the most fun league since Breach or Abyss in my opinion. I decided to go with Holy Flame Totem Hierophant in order to avoid the prices for melee equipment and so far I have been having a blast with the skill. What is everyone playing?
  7. This league is 100 percent legit, great so far. Love the mechanic.
  8. Good luck Exiles! Looking forward to getting kicked in the nuts by RNGezsus.
  9. I am playing Whispering Ice CWC Winter's Orb currently in flashback. Super fun, but it is a pain til you get enough Energy shield and intelligence to get over the leech threshold.
  10. I am going to no life this league I have a feeling. I will likely go with a spell build since they will be cheaper due to the melee rework, either a Bane/Soulrend Occultist, Whispering Ice CWC Winter Orb Occultist, Winter Orb Elementalist, or Blade Vortex Elementalist. I might also do lightning Traps again, but we will see, too squishy for my tastes.
  11. I have been playing TD1 lately, quite a bit. It runs a lot smoother on my PC and I want to get the shields that you can earn in TD2. However, I find, I really enjoy the snowy atmosphere and the city in New York a lot more than TD2's setting in Washington DC. The environmental storytelling with the drones, found footage, phones, etc also seems much better to me. The storyline in TD1 also is better and so are the main characters you interact with. TD2 is much better gameplay wise, skills wise, guns wise, loot wise, and exploration wise, but I find myself enjoying the setting and minute to minute gameplay much more in TD1. Your thoughts? I do think TD2 will catch up over time, but it runs significantly worse and looks worse on my PC than TD1 for me as well. I find myself wanting to play TD1 more than TD2 these days.
  12. I would like to do this, but I doubt any of the times would work with my shcedule now...my mom just had surgery and I am going to be spending a lot of time with her, in addition to my parental and husbandly duties.
  13. With the recent buffs to Burglars (finally only took 8 years) I am heavily considering rolling and leveling a Burglar on the legendary server, but not sure I will bother if no one is playing.
  14. Various spoiler free images from my time spent exploring DC in The Division 2.
  15. I have the dog tags too...one of my favorite cosmetics so far.
  16. My laptop is still barely able to play the game for some reason, after running more or less fine in the beta. I will likely be playing The Division 1 and other games until I get my new PC sometime in the next month or two, unless UBISoft manages to patch whatever is causing my sudden issues.
  17. Can you send invites to people or do we need to request access?
  18. I would say use ROH or change is to a non-ROH name option if there is one you like? I will be on later tonight to get an invite.
  19. I am currently completely enthralled with Division 2...If I get bored eventually I may be back, but I wasn't crazy about Synthesis as a mechanic, so I might skip this league.
  20. You can certainly start one if you want. If not, I am happy to do it.

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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