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  1. I just have to vent somewhere as my poor wife has been having to hear it over and over this week. I teach high school English, and I'm at a school in an area that is not really mask observant. The school where I teach has a population of just over 1300 students. We are requiring students to wear masks but have no way to enforce it; there will be many without masks and others with masks under their chins. My classroom is about 600 sq. ft. with essentially no ventilation. One of my classes is currently 36 students. We just received our finalized teaching assignments today; the first day of school is tomorrow. There is no plan to social distance between class changes. I have to be in a non-ventilated bathroom with students during one assigned class change to remind them to wash their hands. I've been putting in 50 hour weeks with my department this summer to build a remote curriculum, and our superintendent doesn't seem like she will activate it unless we have an alarming outbreak. I could keep going on, but, honestly, I'm just exhausted and we are just getting started. Thanks if you read this far, and thank you to all those who have already been plugging away on the frontlines of this thing since the start.

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    2. Aravail


      That really sucks Hrom; I hope your superintendent and school board come to their senses soon.  With conditions like that, it's only a matter of time until there's an outbreak.  It's a shame that it will come to that (especially since it's entirely predictable and preventable), but I have a feeling your efforts on the virtual curriculum will not have gone to waste.

    3. Kaii


      I wish i could say more, but man good luck to you. Seeing how the US is responding to this pandemic is really saddening.  Please try to stay safe the best you can.

    4. LeafOnTheWind


      I am so sorry. It is completely crazy in our country, and really I don't understand it. It's like we have drunk some kind of kool-aid. Because it is so hard to respect each others' safety. This pandemic is sweeping through our country and those most affected are people who don't get the choice to be safe. You are asked to put yourself and your
      family in danger. It is soul wrenching. =(

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