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  1. Hey @Wardungo! Welcome to the RoH community! Your application is being processed, so keep checking back here for further instruction from me. It's great that you play so many of our games! As a trial member, we would appreciate if you stuck with WoW for the duration of your two week trial so we can get to know you and you can evaluate us. If you have questions, put them here and we will get them answered!
  2. No, we didn't haven't enough interest in Classic, so those that wanted to try it chose their own servers.
  3. Hi @Ry2133! I'm Morgani, I'm the Recruitment Officer for the WoW Division. Thanks for coming to check us out. Your application is being processed now, give us 24 hours to put it through it's paces. You will hear from me on the status of your app, so keep checking back here. Also, others from the community will be in to say hello as well. If you have any questions, just ask them here. We will get you to the person who has the answer. See you in Azeroth!
  4. It's midnight for me. I managed 1674 words over the day. Wrote myself into a crappy scene. Hoping to fix it tomorrow after some sleep.
  5. I'd love a write-in on discord. But I'm in the Netherlands, so .... times.
  6. I had stress dreams all night! Going in cold with only a bare outline and some character names. I'm MorganiKodrevas!