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  1. Hey @Merliah — I’m a new Imperial Trial Member. I am on my first character right now — Mephistøphelés — who is a Sith Assassin. I’ve been flipping back and forth between the Deception & Darkness spec. Dethvox said both are good for PVP — I was wondering if you had any opinion on which discipline would better serve my new  Imperial brethren?

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    2. Merliah


      It is usually easier to start as dps, however using 2 guides for pve and pvp is ambitious. If I were you I'd choose 1 to learn to start and then see what you want to do.


      Best of luck!

    3. TheDevilNox


      I'm using the guide by Zak for my build. And, for the most part, the guides are the same -- the core differences are around the rotations. I am of the school that knowledge is power. I like to learn all I can and then apply what I can where I can. @Merliah, I'd love to get involved with more Imp stuff. Can I DM you in Discord?

    4. Merliah


      All Imperial events are posted here, in the calendar. The slayers is the only current event that doesnt have a regular roster, so that one you could sign up for. one of my assistants, Jed, also runs MM flashpoints from time to time and occasionally does vmops imp side.


      As far as pvp goes, you'll have to reach out to Dethvox, our pvp officer. I only run what the general populace wants, and currently that is operations. 


      Hope this helps.