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    3D Modelling, Concept Art, SWTOR and Arma 3.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

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    Ickarius, Alastrius, Rancarius, Haskius, Jantanius.
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  1. Happy Birthday @Icarus!!!

  2. Birthday blessings!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mate!


    Related image

  4. Happy Birthday! 

  5. So during my travels I got the opportunity to check out the Eorzea Cafe in Chiyoda, Tokyo and I TOTALLY recommend it :)) Here are some pics, there's so much beautiful artwork and weapon props from the game as well as the coolest menu ever~ You get little coaster collectibles and a starting world stamp book. Can be a little hard to find as its tucked away on a 2nd floor, anyway there are probably better pics if you google it
  6. Icarus

    FC Leader Election Applications.

    Great to see these apps, looking forward to what's ahead. Good luck to the both of ya!
  7. until

    I'll try out my new sorc heal
  8. Happy Bday Jae!!

  9. Icarus

    Recommended Games

    - Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (Forever) - Dawn of War I + II
  10. Icarus

    First Civ Game FINISHED

    @KalianVan Thursday Nov 1st right? @Baisch and I civ often too
  11. Icarus

    Tuesday Trial Tranquility


    Can join in after 6:30, looking forward to it!
  12. until

    I think I'll dps backup, my imp side toons still need a lot of work
  13. Icarus

    Datacron Hunt

    Starts Friday 8 PM EST

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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