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  1. until

    Dps here
  2. Hi all,


    just to let you know that I will re-cancel my account.  I don't play enough and just not having time :(


    Wish you guys all the best !


    Phil a.k.a Sedaiikyn

  3. Happy B-Day young Padawan ! ;)

    1. Evath


      THAnk you!!!

  4. Hi there,


    I am a RoH member looking for an invite for Imp and Pub side


    Thanks !


    Sed !

    1. Droghan


      Let us know what time you're ingame and your character name and we can send you an invite

    2. Sedaiikyn


      On the Star Forge server right?


      Whats the name of the guild and or some of the officer in-game so I can look for you as well?



    3. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      Type /who Remnants

      Then when you get the list of people ask for an officer or assistant. 

  5. until

    how do I sign up ?