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  1. Amazing, and all this time I thought it was green and yellow metal flake
  2. I've actually seen a ton of them in Moab over the years. And every time I see one, I cant help but hearing the theme song from the Beverly Hillbilly's in my head
  3. So we were stuck in a vicious circle of how to get the Jeep to events, and to satisfy those times we just needed to get out. Now the weather is sort of getting better its come down to a few options: 1) flat tow it behind the truck and either stay in a hotel or bring camping gear 2) leave the Jeep at home and pull an RV 3) pull an RV and the Jeep which is legal here IF you have a doubles and triples endorsement 4) make a redneck RV combination of camper and car hauler 5) say f it and just buy a new race trailer We didn't do any of the above, and thanks to Sundowner we didn't have to choose.! As soon as we pick it up from Sundowner in Durant OK i'll post pictures of the living quarters They sent me a couple pictures of the interior, cant wait to do the PDI... PDI being the "pre delivery inspection"
  4. That orange looks great! Reminds me of a car I used to own that was orange metal flake. All I got to do this weekend was a pile of honey do's and make a new work bench.
  5. I love it! My son and I have been talking about starting a new Jeep project with a CJ and most likely going to put a 4bt in it as well. We already swapped a 1.9 diesel into an old Ford Ranger for kicks and no matter what we did, we just could not get it to put out the power we wanted. However, that sucker is still going a couple years and who knows how many miles since we sold it. I see it around town...but I digress. You mentioned a few wish list/to do list items I wanted to chime in on. That being said, advice is free (I know you didn't ask for any ) and you get what you pay for First i'll make the qualifying statement, done this particular model before, here is where I went left and should have gone right. 1) Body lift 1'ish inch will do a world of good for tire clearance, no matter what you do suspension lift wise. I didn't at first and ended up flubbing my fenders. This was with 35s on 15s which I simply loved. 2) I run a 10k warn with synthetic line, very mucho expensive. But I ran a 12k badlands on a 1985 full sized bronco (with 100ft of synthetic line i'll never run steel again its not safe) and loved it. If I had to purchase a winch again, it would be a badlands, best bang for my buck. Oh and Harbor Freight sucks for anything you might have to bet your families safety on. 3) I cant say this enough times, for the inside of a vehicle, Rhino Lining bad...a short story to go along with that in an effort to explain. My friend and I did it to his TJ (mentioned above) with the following results: Day 1) Jeep smelled like fresh chemicals to the point we were forced to drive with the windows down and the back open Day 3) see day 1 Day 80ish) see day 1 and a new development. apparently the product decided to do two things, peel away from the floor in several areas causing large bubbles and while investigating we noted wear thru and I mean all the way thru where one rests their heels while driving. Hopped in went to Albuquerque, talk to the installers, were told that's not covered and 2 days later, after ripping it all loose had linex do it. That was 5 years ago, its been problem free. Just some Jeep thoughts, sorry. I get excited when I see a new project Jeep roll in. And if you want I can give you my sticker guys contact info, he can make you a REMNANTS OF HOPE sticker that would be perfect across the top of that windscreen David
  6. Gleamor1

    Jeep in Sunset

    I'm sure your aware of the issue Jeeps have with cooling, and with the winch I would strongly suggest you address it. If you really like the "stock" look, one option is swap the hood for one of the anniversary hoods like mine, or, go with a louvered poison spyder vent. the latter of the 2 requires some willingness to get your hands dirty with an angle grinder and cut a couple of holes (template is included"
  7. Well depending on where you are in the world...bring yourselves and your significant otherses to Moab April 12 ~ 21 for Easter Jeep Safari (the 12th is what we call the patriot crawl, its a day long jeep event benefiting veterans and their families) Bring your Jeeps and come have a bunch of fun
  8. I apparently need to identify the rest of the images for the build. most are PR videos... So, moar coming soon!
  9. So a brief explanation of the build and why... I'll start with the why. As a former Major in the US Army Special Forces, I felt like giving something back to the guys who were injured in the line of duty worse than me. I linked up with a charity and raised money running off road trails. I've to date raised $1.6m USD for wounded Special Operations soldiers. Unique trails I have run: Trans America Trail, solo, 26 days Pan America Trail, mostly solo, (drove thru most of the Darien Gap, floated the rest), 29 days Currently we have some slight modifications that allow us to meet race qualifications for Ultra4 4600 class. i.e. reduced tire size to 35" You can always count on seeing the Jeep displayed and run at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. Base: 2015 Rubicon Hard Rock Unlimited Mods: Dynatrac Prorock 44 axles front and rear with custom chromoly shafts Raceline Beadlock Wheels BFG KO2 tires, 37" Smittybilt front and rear bumpers 10k Warn Winch with synthetic line Dual Odyssey AGM batteries Bestop NX soft top PIAA Led pods Hothead top liner 4.5" BDS short arm suspension Foxx shox Misc other items fairly unique to me (custom fab) that we carry on board too Total build cost with base jeep: $90k ish So its true, Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket

Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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