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  1. Also, Thank you @Jae Onasi you've also just given me a new challenge I wonder if I could come up with a way to make it awesome for Phone & Tablet too. Might give me an excuse to jump back into Unreal Engine or Android APK...... *Adds it to his challenge list*.... thanks for that
  2. Okay, there's a lot here so let me go through it bit by bit. Glad that you do, BIG KOTOR and KOTOR II fan myself Understandable, The text size will end up getting bigger and easier to read. The holo effect I have on the wording is just a quick and dirty effect that has no refinement at all, and that's something that will get multiple passes on more at the end of the production. Just like in CGI renders need multiple passes to get the best render possible. As for the Aurabesh, that's mostly there right now for me so I have an idea of where everything is, and to save me retyping everything again later when it comes to be animated. Not something that I will do all the time as the first one is my little pet project so will animate between the fonts, Aurabesh ---> translation ---> English, but again have no fear the text will definitely become a lot easier to read and make out. What you see is update 3, but thats Update 3 / 12 so yeah still a way to go. Adept, Novice, Master and then the level. Basically a shortened version of the skills in character sheets so it's more formatted for this kind of graphic without having lines and lines of text. *Groans and sighs* Kidding , also help is always welcome!!!! Yeah I know the grammar sucks, but again this is something that gets done right at the very end after all the visuals have had all the polish, care and attention they need, cause even with a hologram effect the wording, grammar, apostrophes and such are the easiest to fix. Okay this I can't stress enough, This will NEVER! be a requirement for anyone to have a Graphical Character sheet. Never going to happen!. This was mostly just a little fun theory "What if" project for me, "How would it look in a graphical form ?", "Could I update the visuals in some way yet keep that KOTOR feel ?", "Could it be fun for RP ?" So this was never meant to be a requirement at all, and as I said in the first post, if I can get it to a point where I could have it all set as a template and such I "Might" do a limited run for those who may want it. These definitely don't replace the character sheets though. That would end up as my version of hell. And I wouldn't get time at all to play if everyone had to have one of these lol not to mention the need for different formats, resolutions etc etc etc. So it's just a bit of fun that people may want to have. Keep the picture on your desktop as a cheet sheet for your character sheet so you dont have to open the forums to get to it, that kind of thing. Or if @Madhatter5510 allows it, maybe people can put it on their character sheets as a spoiler for a little extra added fun. Who knows. but yeah the TL;DR is: Not yet finished Changes will happen Adept, Novice, Master Grammar will get fixed Not now, Not ever will be a requirement, just some fun for those who may want it Hope that clears up a lot of the stuff for you @Jae Onasi
  3. Progress Update: 3 viewed properly in 1920x1080 resolution. For a more resolution friendly version see spoiler at the bottom
  4. Hey guys, I started working on this so I could give my character sheet a more KOTOR/SWTOR graphical punch and feel to the way it looks. it's basically the old KOTOR character viewer updated to be a bit more fun and datpad'ish. So this is the progress so far, and I was thinking that if it comes out looking okay'ish and I have an easy to edit template and its something people like I might start doing a limited run of Graphic Character sheets and see how it goes. So let me know what you think guys Kotor Character sheet Graphical Character Sheet (W.I.P)
  5. Nope, wasn't built for VMRP, just a happy coincidence that the group was made before the crazy and yet oh so fun idea of VMRP was a thing. Just seemed like a good idea to have it posted here too.
  6. "This is! HNN!" - Jimmy "the Pearl" Hones "Welcome to the HNN or Holo-Net News, bringing you the latest from both side of the the war as it happens when it happens and right to your HoloCom or Home station" This is the HNN - Holonet News forum, where you can get RP'd updates on the progression of the war, Interviews with key RP'ers during Story Arcs and, depnding on how creative you can be, video reports, comic strips, everything you would find in a real news broadcast or what you would expect to see in a Star Wars news broadcast. The best thing is, anyone can be a Rp "News Reporter", "Investigative Journalist" or "Cameraman" at anytime. All you have to do is have the willingness to do it, a serious attitude or a seriously funny sense of humor and a few bits of In Game Items. If you want to RP "The Press" in the game know this first Freedom of the press doesn't exist This means if you go sneaking around an Imperial Facility trying to get an interview with the next up and coming dark lord of the kitchen and you're captured, then you're captured and they wont care how much you scream that you're with the press, and if you get caught breaking into a republic supply depot cause you've heard of an even stronger "Soldier Musk" deoderant spray thats garaunteed to keep your troops smelling fresh for now up to 48hrs and your caught, they wont go easy on you either. So keep that in mind, and also keep this in mind too To really get into the feel of being a newscaster, reporter or investigative journalist, here's Some thin gs you might want to get: (chances are you have some already): Red Efficiency Scanner Headpiece Green Efficiency Scanner Headpiece Blue Efficiency Scanner Headpiece Black Efficiency Scanner Headpiece Any Astromech pet Any Miniprobe Pet A-7 Surveillance Drone Companion Probe Droid Companion I-08 Companion Personal Warbot Companion The rest is up to you. So get out there and hunt those story and let your personality really shine through as you bring in the news and post it all here for us all to read and stay in the know. this message was brought to you by our sponsor "Soldier Musk" now with an improved 48hrs of complete protection for your army. Let them be there to kill, not to stink.
  7. Well Hi there and welcome to the "OneShot Story" Forum. This is a place where you can post your "CampFire Legends" Stories. You know, those stories that you want to really roleplay for yourself out but just don't belong in a Diary or Journal and that are just really out of place for a character biography. For example: you right something in your Character Journal and you want certain events to happen to your character and it's on a day where there's no RP or just wouldn't be suitable for RP cause it's too chaotic or the RP is in the middle of a story arc. Then this is the place to come too. When you post your story, you dont have to put your characters name, just the title is awesome, Cause I'm sure the other Roleplayers will definitely be savvy enough to figure out who the story is about. The only thing is to add a little something into the story in the top left of your post, and thats an insignia (see the spoiler) that way we instantly know if it's a Pub side or Imp side story. That simple! happy Writing folks and get creative
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