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  1. This is so amazing! All power to ya @ShogunTaira; wishing you only the best in this endeavor!
  2. Firstly, hats off to you; this premise sounds very exciting! If I understand correctly, the ruler of the overworld is just that: the ruler of the overworld only, not the entire multiverse (hence the need to use the protagonist to get the multiverse under his control). This would mean that if he and the protagonist are at first on the same side, the armies of the overwatch world likely won't be the source of conflict in the first half, as they have the same/similar goal as the protagonist. It seems to me that the governments/principalities/armies/whatever of the other multiverses would have conflicting goals with the overwatch world and its ruler. So if this protagonist is going to be the apprentice/mentee/poster boy of Mr. Multiversal-Emperor-to-be, you could spin it as the protagonist being mentored in the wrong direction, i.e. guided into conquering places that don't want to be conquered while thinking he is doing good. The second half could then involve him realizing his mistake and investigating the deception of his dear mentor, unraveling the lies to find a new (and true) antagonist. I actually wrote a story with a similar reversal, but that's by the way. This is, of course, only a suggestion; feel free to pick, choose, and pass as you see fit. Best of luck!
  3. A merry Christmas Eve to you unnaturally kind people. Thanks for always weirding me out with your ceaseless attempts at good-natured fun. Never stop surprising (and inspiring) me.

    1. Sweetbunny


      Marry christmass hugs

    2. Telana


      Merry Christmas to you as well, @DaemonNahash! Thanks for being part of our merry band of adventurers (and weirdos) :) 

    3. Elisel


      Haha, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you @DaemonNahash!  Sorry just now saw. Been busy with fam.

      And there is a part of me that thinks some of those 'ceaseless attempts' might trajectory back to RP shenanigans.  Like @Madhatter5510 or Shaedoe or @Skywalker17 's characters 😛 


  4. "Confusing, isn't it? I know I'd want to know just what the hell is going on if I were you.Let's just say in times like these, it's important to keep up appearances." - Joker

  5. How interesting...I shall be watching this with great interest
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