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    Art, Gaming, Reading, Wicca/Paganism, Low Carb Lifestyle

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    Demankya Elderstarr
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    Jedi Sage
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    Illjada, Kittlynne Bree, Anna Witheroot
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    Annamika, Lorisa, Illjada...

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About Me

Annamika here,  most people call me Anna, this has been my online game tag for pretty much everything that will allow it, starting with WoW back from 2004.  Most of my career has been in public sector procurement and contracting/project management.  Part of my job is implementing and overseeing a contract management program with the city I work for, which involves training people how to draft, negotiate and monitor contracts and contractor performance. I like the technical projects, so I do a lot of large software implementations and business process improvement on the PM side.  Been doing this for about 12 years now. 


I have two teenagers (14 and 16), 3 dogs, and an old lady cat.  I like to do mixed media art, love all kinds of music, video games, a bit of cooking when I'm in the mood and tabletop gaming.

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