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  1. until

    Add me for rDPS if there's still room!
  2. until

    RDPS please!
  3. until

    DPS please, if there's still room!
  4. until

    DPS please!
  5. until

    Apologies @Skysta - I should have tagged you when I cancelled. Sorry for the confusion last night!
  6. until

    DPS please! I'm going to bow out and give my spot up (not a noble sacrifice, there's a horror movie live stream I forgot was on tonight! lol) Have fun!
  7. until

    Ranged DPS if you end up going 16-man, please!
  8. until

    Ranged DPS please!
  9. until

    Looks like I'm too late to get a DPS spot for 16 man tonight. But I'll be online if someone can't make it. Yup....just over here in the corner waiting for a call.....just like high school....
  10. until

    DPS please!
  11. until

    DPS if you're doing 16-man!
  12. until

    DPS please!
  13. until

    Ranged DPS please!
  14. until

    Ranged DPS if you get enough for 16-man!
  15. until

    Ranged DPS please! Looks like you've got a full 8-man team tonight, so I'm going to bow out and hopefully get in next week. Good luck on Dxun!

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