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    Scions of Destiny Greetings my Scions! We will be gathering this Saturday at 10:00 PM EST on Vestige of Despair Imperial Flagship to adventure into an operation of difficulty. This unfortunately will be our last raid night together as Scions. The reality is that we still don't have interest in the last spot, there are issues with the raid times for some (juggling 3 largely spanning time zones with my schedule is just not working), and most significantly I'm tapped out on my own personal effort in trying to pull people in and keep the group moving forward. While this group was intended to be a more casual approach to progression we aren't hitting that progress side of it and wont without the consistency I spoke of when launching the group those years ago. I know this may be a bummer to some but I'm sadly burned out which is a guarantee we wont get where we need to be. It's been a great run and an awesome few years of imperial raiding! Big shout out and thank you to those who have been here from the beginning ( @KageSennen, @Katalaw, @Aravail, @AidenRhen ) Obviously a big thanks to @Owyn and @Vorn for all their time with the group as well along with all the past Scions out there! Forever Scions! Event Details Saturday at 10:00 PM EST until 12:00am on the Imperial side We will be doing WHATEVA WE WANT!!! Must be lvl 75 to join the operation. This will be the final Scions event Reminder to Scions: Please RSVP to this so that people who sign up can be alerted to show up or not! Roster Tank: @Sayuri Tank: OPEN Healer: @Aravail Healer: @KageSennen DPS: @Katalaw - OPEN DPS: @AidenRhen DPS: @Owyn DPS: @Vorn
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    Thank you for your leadership, @Sayuri, our dark, divine, empress. You are an awesome leader--I hear your voice and some choice phrases every time I raid! I'm going to miss this group tremendously as committed, casual, progression teams are hard to find and harder to keep going and making progress in. You've helped me become a better player and a better person (when I did prog in other games I was a real jerk and only played with other jerks and it turns out that wasn't good for my soul).
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